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GREEN LEAVES INTERNATIONAL company was sister concern of SHIVA INTERNATIONAL, established in 1998 and involved in import and export of Agro Products, Organic products,CHEMICAL FREE JAGGERY, JAGGERY POWDER,LIQUIDJAGGERY.   Premium quality KASHMIRI  SAFFRON, KASHMIRI KAWAH,

Vacuum packing of Food grains and started the new Revolution in guarding the Food grains for all seasons and to retain the qualities,Premium quality JAGGERY products and Premium quality KASHMIR SAFFRON. and  SAFFRON products,


Green Leaves International – GLI  Brand Introduced the VACUUM PACKED – Food grains, and  Chemical free JAGGERY , JAGGRY POWDER, LIQUID JAGGERY, Premium quality Kashmiri SAFFRON.  and SAFFRON products.

The company is  making the revolution to protect the food grains and Premium quality.Products,The company is manufacturing and supplying all over INDIA,  Th GLI Branded JAGGARY Products and Premium quality KASHMIR SAFFRON and SAFFRON Products. Many Premium quality products are introducing to market in the name of GLI   Brand.

GREEN LEAVES INTERNATIONAL will provide the Test reports as per the FSSAI Norms for all products.



Green Leaves International 

Introducing the Organic Vegetables products  from all over India and packing in  Eco system.

Company is having great visions  towards the natural farming and its significance on Human health, Company will distribute only Natural food products and Eco friendly operations.

we have very prominently established our foot in the Indian market and have garnered a huge list of reputed clients based in other countries .The GREEN LEAVES INTERNATIONAL is the company of 22 years old in the Global market and experience much in import and exports from anywhere from the world. The company is entered into certified organic food products and Herbal products to save the nation from the chemical influence over the human health. The company is marketing the products in the Brand name of GLI .The Green leaves international is having the membership with APEDA. Our brand name is GLI, GREEN LEAVES INTERNATIONAL has attained a leading position in the natural & Organic food production industry in joint venture. Our enterprise was founded on the philosophy of providing unparalleled services to the clients with a clear focus on optimizing our clients’ return on investment.

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